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3M Window Film Solutions

3M Window Film Solutions

(3M has many film solutions besides the typical “make it dark” window tint)

I would like to give you a little info about Quality Auto Trim and the window film we use.  First off, although Auto is in our name we have been installing Residential and Commercial Window Film in Spokane since 1987.  We are the exclusive 3M Window Film Dealer in Spokane.  We have been in business in Spokane since 1980 and are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.    3M (the originator of Scotch tape and Post-It Notes) invented window film and is certainly the industry leader.  3M has window film solutions for many different needs.  Below are some of the solutions with an explanation of the benefits of choosing that film.  Also be sure to check out the Window Film Simulator on the 3M Website.

Tint Simulator Home

3M Prestige Window FilmPrestige Film – (Prestige 40 is the most popular)  If you want heat reduction without much dark tint we have  3M Prestige Film in different degrees of darkness.  Prestige Film cuts out 97% of the infrared heat which is the heat you feel.  We have a display in our Showroom where you can compare the heat reduction of Prestige Film vs. clear glass, and it is very impressive.  Prestige film allows cheerful  light to still come in while blocking an amazing amount of heat.  If you have a chance, stop in to our showroom and feel what I am referring to.  The other reason to choose Prestige Film is the interior reflectivity is very low, much like the glass itself.  Most window films have metal in them which helps reflect heat to give you the performance that you like.  This is fine and effective if you don’t have a view or care much about looking out the windows as it gets darker outside.  Metalized films will reflect interior lights as it gets dark outside, and you will have a harder time looking out.  In my home, I have had metalized film on it for many years, and it works great.  However, as the sun went down, if my dog was outside barking, I could not tell if he was barking at a passing dog or if he had cornered a skunk.  So Prestige Film is for people that like a good amount of light to still come in, want great heat reduction and/or maybe have a view that they do not want to lose in the evening.

3M Night Vision 25Night Vision 25 is a high performing metalized film that is a bit darker than any of the Prestige Films.  It provides more privacy from the outside with a somewhat darker and moderately reflective appearance.  However, it is not reflective like a silver mirror reflective film (which we sometimes use on commercial buildings).  It’s a generally accepted look for a residence.  You’ll get great heat and glare reduction from this film.  Night Vision 25 will also enable best viewing of tv or computer screens due to the glare reduction.  All of our films help with glare reduction, but Night Vision is the best if glare reduction is your main goal.  As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will lose vision from the inside in the evening because of the lights inside reflecting off the film.  Night Vision 25 is the choice for some privacy from the outside and excellent heat and glare reduction as long as you don’t mind diminishing your view of the outside in the evening.

3M Safety Films

Security Film which will protect against even a sledge hammer trying to break in.  We also have combination films that give you performance and Security.

FADING– is can be a problem as you know.  3 factors represent 90% of the cause of fading:

Ultra Violet Rays – (40% of the cause of fading)- All our films will eliminate 99% of the UV Rays

Heat – (25 % of the cause of fading) -Prestige and Night Vision 25 will reduce on average approximately 66% of total solar energy

Light – (25 % of the cause of fading) -Prestige and Night Vision 25 on average will reduce 60%-75% of the light.

So overall 3M film will solve approximately 72% of the fading problems on average, thus significantly extending the best appearance of your fixtures.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – Many Window tint installers in Spokane will offer a Lifetime Warranty.  However, if you ask or check into how long they have been in business in Spokane, they may say only two years.  Some work out of their car, or a home they have lived in for a year or two.  In Spokane, many window tint installers have come and gone over the years.  What good is a lifetime warranty from an installer that probably won’t be there next year?  And what good is a lifetime warranty from a manufacturer you have never heard of?

Building Shot
Quality Auto Trim is in its 32nd year in Spokane, and we have recently made a long-term commitment to stay in business by building our new facility pictured above.  And the manufacturer of our window film (3M) is a well-respected, nearly 100 year old company that is known for its innovation by introducing 5,000 new patents every year.  Both Quality Auto Trim and 3M will continue to protect our names by treating our customers in the way they deserve to be treated.

PRICE – If you would like to call me with some measurements, I would be glad to send you some samples and give you a firm quote right over the phone or by email.  Or if you would like a representative to come to your home and do the measurements, we will be glad to send someone to you at no charge.  We also have a pleasant showroom with a helpful display where you can see what the films look like and see specifications that will help you “dial in” which film is the right one for your purposes.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or would like to schedule an estimate.

Mike Dalton- 927-8464

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