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Now here’s a wrap that’s hard to miss! Black Forest Hardwood Floors wanted to surprise their crew with a new van, and we were only happy to help give it that wow factor. This thing has a ton of visual impact, but it’s also very easy to read driving down the road. A big thanks to Black Forest Hardwood Floors for trusting us with another of your vans!

3M has just released a new commercial for the Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series.  Check it out!

We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Continental Door Company on some truly awe-inspiring graphics for the new Cultural Center down at WSU in Pullman. Each door is 10’x10′ and features artwork from a different culture: Native-American, African-American, Latino/Latina, and Asian-American/Pacific Islander. We are beyond pleased with the end results. Special thanks to Continental Door Company for asking us to help with this project. Check out the video below to get a

The sad but true reality is winter is coming.  The days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder, and frost is greeting us in the morning.  Cold mornings mean cold cars, but we can fix that with a remote start system.  We offer many options, from factory key fob integration to two-way remotes with a range up to a mile.  Our systems will not only keep your car warm, but

3M Paint Protection Film Pro Series We have always maintained a high standard when it comes to the quality of the products we offer, and 3M never disappoints. After extensive testing and retesting of the Scotchgard Pro Series, 3M is proud to now offer a 10 year warranty! This warranty is not a sales gimmick or marketing ploy. The research that goes into all of the 3M products is second

No job is too big. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the South Hill Target Store on various window film projects ever since it was under construction. This time around they asked us to help cut down on the glare and heat coming through their front entrance. Our 3M Night Vision Window Film did the trick. Not only does it drastically cut the glare, but it also blocks 99%

Anyone up for some ice fishing? This is what happens when you accidentally leave the water running in the middle of a NW winter.

It’s chilly out there… Getting colder tomorrow… Remote starts really make the morning & late night commutes a lot more comfortable. We have options that work at 800ft & others that work up to a mile. Call/Message us for an appointment. 

Have a dirty car? Check out this doozie… Our auto detailer brought it back to life though. Watch for mold in the spring time if your car leaks or gathers moisture. 

Full tint on a BMW 435i GranCoupe with #3M FXPremium.