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Did you lose your key? You don’t need to anymore! From remote starters to a full line of security systems for your vehicle, Compustar is by far the industry leader. When it comes to remote starters, most vehicles only require a factory key or key fob to program the system. However, some vehicles with highly encrypted anti-theft systems require you to actually hide a spare key under the dashboard somewhere.

If you’ve lived in the Northwest long enough, you’ve probably noticed that the winters around here have been pretty sporadic.  One day it’s 50 degrees and the next day it’s 28 and snowing.  One thing is certain though; IT GETS COLD!  When it gets below 30 degrees, seat heaters are a must.  Our seat heaters provide both seat bottom and lumbar heat on most vehicles to keep you warm and toasty on

Discontinued Toyota stripes? Yeah… we can do that.

Let’s talk about distracted driving for a moment. It has now been nearly four months since the distracted driving, or DUI-E, law went into effect, and there are some very important things to know. 1) It’s a primary offense, meaning the officer doesn’t need any other reason to pull you over.2) The 6-month grace period for most infractions will be ending at the end of this year.3) If you do

Now here is a truly one-off graphic job! It’s funny how a little bit of matte black with red accents can completely transform a car.  Call us or swing by the shop today to get quote on custom 3M stripes and graphics! #3m1080 3M Graphics

Did we mention we do boats too? Get your boat jazzed up for next year. We can transform your old, drab boat into something fresh and modern. When we’re done making your boat beautiful, keep it beautiful and protect it from dock scrapes, drift wood and other hazards with 3M Paint Protection Film Pro Series. Expect it. Protect it. #3m1080 #The3MDifference #3MProSeries#3Mclearbra #3MPaintProtection #Scotchgard

Now here’s a wrap that’s hard to miss! Black Forest Hardwood Floors wanted to surprise their crew with a new van, and we were only happy to help give it that wow factor. This thing has a ton of visual impact, but it’s also very easy to read driving down the road. A big thanks to Black Forest Hardwood Floors for trusting us with another of your vans!

3M has just released a new commercial for the Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Pro Series.  Check it out!

We recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Continental Door Company on some truly awe-inspiring graphics for the new Cultural Center down at WSU in Pullman. Each door is 10’x10′ and features artwork from a different culture: Native-American, African-American, Latino/Latina, and Asian-American/Pacific Islander. We are beyond pleased with the end results. Special thanks to Continental Door Company for asking us to help with this project. Check out the video below to get a

The sad but true reality is winter is coming.  The days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder, and frost is greeting us in the morning.  Cold mornings mean cold cars, but we can fix that with a remote start system.  We offer many options, from factory key fob integration to two-way remotes with a range up to a mile.  Our systems will not only keep your car warm, but