Did you lose your key? You don’t need to anymore!

From remote starters to a full line of security systems for your vehicle, Compustar is by far the industry leader.

When it comes to remote starters, most vehicles only require a factory key or key fob to program the system. However, some vehicles with highly encrypted anti-theft systems require you to actually hide a spare key under the dashboard somewhere. This is very inconvenient and can be expensive, especially if you only have one key. That’s where Klōn (pronounced clone) comes in. During installation, the Klōn system makes a virtual copy of the code stored in your factory chip key or key fob and uploads it to the remote starter module. Once the programming is complete, the Compustar system takes over and transmits that code to your vehicle’s computer allowing the car to start. No more lost keys! It sounds like science fiction, but then again we also weren’t wearing smartphones on our wrists 10 years ago.

If you’re tired of getting into a cold car in the morning, call us today for a quote on a remote starter system for your car, truck or SUV. We offer one-way and two-way systems and even systems controlled by your smartphone.

Call us today at 509-927-8464!

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